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Massage Service

Swedish massage is the common or typical western style massage, the techniques are mainly tending to slower, softer and long strokes, increasing the blood flow, soothing muscles and relaxing mood to achieve balance and health. So regular massage can help to balance a person’s mental state by equalizing hormones, reducing stress that can lead to anxiety or depression, improving the quality of sleep and happiness.

RELAXATION MASSAGE  (pressure level: light)

Deep tissue massage is similar to the Swedish massage, but it more target deeper layers of the structure, normally include the muscles, deep connective tissue (fascia), tendon, ligament, fat pad, joint capsule. It can effectively reduce muscle tension and prevent adhesion, maintain normal ROM (range of motion), increase the regulation of the nervous system.

Although deep tissue massage is considered ‘no pain no gain’ massage, it is recommended to keep communication with therapist to avoid overtreatment. That is why it’s important to go to a certified and experienced massage therapist.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE  (pressure level: light to firm)

Sports massage is designed specially for those people who are engaged in sports-related activities, whether you a professional athlete or a sports lover. The goal of massage is based on what kind of sport/exercise you did and what is your next plan. Therefore, it is more suitable for individual needs, such as prevent injury, boost performance and recovery from injury.

SPORTS MASSAGE  (pressure level: light to firm)

Remedial massage provides a holistically treatment, based on the systematic evaluation and apply different techniques in connective tissue, fascia, muscle, tendon, ligament, joint. Or within the normal range of motion, makes the normalization of soft tissue.

To have a better understanding of client’s complaint, the therapist need to go through a series of assessments and analyses to determine  

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE  (pressure level: light to firm)

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