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70 Mins Sport Recovery ($228)

90 Mins Ultimate 7-in-1($248)

Customers can indulge in a 90-minute session, whole body relaxation massage with essential oils, head fascial release and feet reflexology. 

  • start with 50-minute neck, shoulder, back, legs, hands relaxation massage.

  • followed by a 20-minute feet reflexology.

  • end by 20-minute head fascia release.

  • Any special requirements, please consult therapist firstly

70 Mins Ultimate 6-in-1($198)

Customer would enjoy a 50-minutes massage include neck, shoulder, hands, back, legs massage with essential oils and 20-minutes feet reflexology (or head fascial release).

  • ​Any special requirements, please consult therapist firstly

This package is fit for people who did sports or gym workout, and feel tightness, soreness or couldn’t reach energy level. It will apply different techniques to increase blood and lymph circulation, reduce lactic acid build up, release tension to maintain normal joint range of motion, the final goals are to increase your physical performance and injury prevention.

  • Based on clients training routine to decide what is main goals.

  • The technique application may include Myofascia Release, Cupping, Stretching, Muscle Energy Technique, or Electrotherapy (Compex pads exclude).

  • If you have any history or requirements, please let therapist know.

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