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Southern cross Easy-Claim

1. The Wellbeing One & Two with the optional Body Care Module can claim up to $500 per year for  Massage.
2. The Health Essentials plan can claim for 75 per cent of their costs up to an annual maximum of $250 per claims year for massage therapy.

3. The massage price for Souther Cross claim is $120 (60 mins) and  $170 (90 mins).

​If you are late to an appointment

If you are more than 5 minutes late and your therapist has another appointment booked in immediately after, then your session time will be reduced. However, you will be charged for the whole session.

Cancellation and NO show policy

If you have made a booking with a therapist and you need to cancel it,  we request 24 hours notices of cancellation or reschedule. Late cancellation and no show will be charged for full cost of session time.

If you are trying to booking within 2 hours, please contact


Price List

Massage and Healthy care           60mins      90mins

Massage                                                                $120                     $170
Pregnancy Massage                                                $120                      $170
Manual Lynphatic 
 Drainage                                  $120                      $170
Massage with Southern Cross Easy-claim         $120                       $170

Other service
 Cupping with oil                                                  $50/15-20 mins
Kinesio Tap
ing                                                         $20/session  

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